Launch your events within minutes 🚀

With GroundControl's Mission Control, it is easier than ever to create a full cross-platform event. Simply add tracks, scripts and triggers, import your participants and go!

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Setting up your event

Create tracks to define what content is available for your participants at a specific time.

Create meaningful interactions

Our flow planner allows you to send your participants messages, ask questions, launch polls and do much more.

Connect the dots

Use triggers to seamlessly guide your participants through your event.

With our Mission Control, we put you in charge. Easily create triggers to launch the action

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And there is so much more:

Calendar plan

Use our calendar planner to schedule messages and actions throughout a specific timeframe. You can opt for a date-based schedule, but also plan your scripts relative to the moment your participant onboarded your experience.


Not all messages are relevant for all your participants. Condition your scripts based on your target group or based on previous data you collected from your participant.


Create multi-layered challenges for your participants. GroundControl allows you to make static packages with specific information and assignments.

QR and GPS

Want to guide your participants through one or more physical locations? Use our QR and GPS triggers. Whenever an individual scans your QR code or arrives at a dedicated location, your scripts and actions are triggered.


In Mission Control, you can choose to give your participant a head start. Create an onboarding trigger to launch your experience the moment one logs in for the first time.

Other actions

These are just a selection of everything that's possible with GroundControl. We have many more features and actions. For instance, you can send your participants emails or connect your project to any external API.


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