Truly engage your participants 💬

Engagement is the holy grail of any event. With GroundControl, creating engagement among your participants is easy as cake.

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Polls, quizzes and questions

Keep your participants on the edge of their seats. Ask questions, launch polls and let them compete in quizzes.

Target the right segment

Some members of your audience need to be targeted differently than others. With GroundControl, you can split your participants into various segments. Having created those segments, it becomes crazy easy to create separate chats, channels or breakouts.

Fully brandable

Our platform makes it insanely easy to brand your event according to your own wishes. Make sure your participants feel home and let them connect with the style of your organisation or that of a specific event.

With our Mission Control, we put you in charge. Easily create triggers to launch the action

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And there is so much more


Organising an interesting talk? Allow your audience to ask questions and upvote other participant's questions with our handy Q&A module.


Add game elements to your experience. Launch quizzes, award points, host competitions (head-to-head and team-to-team) to make your event or journey a lot more fun.

Long-term engagement

At GroundControl, we don't believe in short-term one-off events or experiences. Our software is built to create long-term engagement between you and your participants.

(QR) Networking

Your participant can send each other invites to connect and exhange useful contact information. Using GroundControl at a physical event? Just scan each other's QR code to build a connection.


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