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For events, e-learning and digital onboarding. Set up long-term engagement with your audience through an interactive, conversational interface.

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What is GroundControl?

GroundControl makes it extremely easy to create an app or website for your events, online communities, webinars, meetings and more. Our platform provides a innovative way to create and maintain engagement for your organisation's goals.

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Easy to use

GroundControl is extremely easy to use! With our groundbreaking, innovative interface anyone can create a great expericence.

Innovative communication

Interact in a truly engaging manner. With our conversational interface, your organisation has never been closer to your audience.

Supports all platforms

GroundControl is available on all platforms. Online event? Use our web client. Offline event? Use our app. Hybrid event? Use both!

Target your audience

With our platform, it's surprisingly easy to target a segment of your audience, based on their background or based on their automated generate profile.


Our platform is fully brandable. Use your own or your clients style to make sure you can give your audience a warm welcome.

Create your own app

Wanna have your own app in the App and Play Store? We'll make it happen againt a stunningly low price point.

Collect highly relevant data

Taking into account GDPR regulations, we allow you to gather and apply smart data gathering, which allows you to give your audience a very personalised experience.

Meaningful connections

GroundControl offers a range of possibilities to make sure your participants are introduced to the right people.

Engage through games

We love games and we believe they should be incorporated in every event. Use our toolset to make sure your experience contains gaming elements.

How it works

1. Setup your experience in our easy-to-use Mission Control. Add scripts, chats, triggers, video's and pages.

2. Import your participants through Excel or let them register with our registration frame.

3. Launch your event! Send your participants their personalised login link and let them onboard your experience.

We built GroundControl to help you guide your participants.

No organiser of events wants their participants to be confused or overwhelmed.

GroundControl is designed to make the lives of you and your participant easy, so that you both can focus on what you're good at.

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