GroundControl: your alternative to Teams as event or webinar platform

Are you looking for an alternative to Teams? With GroundControl you ensure that participants experience your event much more interactively. Organize polls, quizzes and assignments. Show your participant information that is relevant only to them. Build a profile for each participant and organize breakouts based on those profiles.

What's wrong with Teams?

Teams has been very helpful in facilitating online meetings for the past year and a half, during the time when we were no longer able to meet. For simple meetings and conferences, Teams can still work very well. However, online events via Teams are no longer an option, and here's why:


How can GroundControl help make your event or webinar more fun and interactive?

At GroundControl, it is paramount that participants should be completely unburdened. With our platform, participants receive one magic link so that they no longer have to look for links that are hidden in their mailbox. When they log into the platform, they only see what is relevant to them. The same applies to networking: make sure that your participant only comes into contact with people who are actually interesting.

GroundControl has worked in the past with companies such as Adyen, TNW, Rijksmuseum and Leiden University. For all these customers, GroundControl ensured that participants ended up in a fully branded environment..

The benefits of GroundControl for events

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