GroundControl: create your own event app in minutes

Written by Jelle Ages

GroundControl's online web platform has facilitated many events by putting participant engagement first. We use methods like gamification, chatbots and smart networking to interact with participants and keep them involved with the mission of the organisation.

It's been year and a half since nearly all (corporate) events switched from in-person to online. Now that the pandemic is more ore less under control, and meeting other people is possible again, what will happen with all those customer engagement tools we got used to online?

As Joost described in his latest blog post, we didn't start out as a platform for online events. GroundControl emerged because there was a great demand for event apps. So we developed a platform with which anyone can create a custom, branded app for their event.

Well before the start of an event, guests onboard a fully branded app that is completely focused on interacting with the participant: through asking questions for instance, organising quizzes, connecting them with others. Our clients can create a completely personalised experience. Build a profile around your participants and show information only what is relevant for them, have them register for subsessions that are specifically interesting for them or set them up with fellow participant that might be of special interest to them.

Some of our most popular features:

Dynamic app branding

Brand our GroundControl app exactly to your the style of your organisation.

Live statistics

Nothing is more important than knowing what's going on with your participants. We've build a modular analytics overview for you to see where your users are.

Easy to use dashboard

We've build an innovative and easy-to-use dashboard for you to design and operate your project.


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