How do you build an interactive app for your organization in one day?

Written by Jelle Ages on Monday 11 October

Do you want an interactive app for your organization or community? You almost always need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, if you manage to find available developers and designers at all. Instead, think of a no-code solution, where you can achieve the same - or maybe even more - for a much lower cost and in a much shorter time. Moreover, with no-code you can maintain the app yourself, so you're never depend on a developer.

What is already possible through no-code platforms?

Many people underestimate what's already possible. No-code has taken off in recent years: where you used to need developers to build an app or website, you can now do it yourself. GroundControl is such a no-code platform where you can make an app without any programming knowledge. What can you do with such apps?



For all these applications‍ you don't need a software developer to build it. In fact, I dare to say that you can make an app with all these features within a day! And all this in your own branding. Your app can be used by hundreds or thousands of people.

What can you use GroundControl for?

With GroundControl you can build countless types of apps. Our platform is currently being used in the event world, e-learning, real estate sector and many other sectors.

A selection of the possibilities:

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